The 3 Types of Development


Most common way of redeveloping old buildings where the entire project is given to a Developer. The Developer funds the entire project and promises to pay the rent, provide extra space and provide corpus to the society members. The Developer in turn makes money through the sale of extra units developed in the premises based on the FSI and TDR available to the society.

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Self Redevelopment

A traditional approach of doing Redevelopment in which the entire project is handled by society. The society members manage raisings funds required for the project, manage the entire expense of various professionals involved during the project, manage the sales of the extra units developed in the premises along with the legal documentation required by various government authorities.

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A new approach of doing Self Redevelopment in which the entire project is managed by a professional team.
The Wedevelopment team manages fund raising, various professionals involved in the project, legal documentation, and liasioning with government authorities and the sales of the extra units developed in the premises. The Project Management Consultants do all this for a fee.

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We Program Management

We follow a structured approach at every stage of the project. Maximum possible benefits, minimum possible risks.

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We Feasibility

The Wedevelopment feasibility study provides a detailed report enabling the Society members to make informed decisions for redevelopment

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A team with a vision which resonates with the same vigour and passion in each one’s hearts. Each one’s competence blends into the entire model seamlessly as if we are spokes of the same wheel

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