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Approaches to Redevelopment

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While all the approaches lead to the same domain of work, the way in which each one gets executed and the impacts are very varied. There are some stark differences in the approaches which are listed below in a simplistic manner.

Extra space for each menber

Corpus for members

Profit from project

Control of the project

Quality of the project

Designs and Plans

Design as per members needs

Fund Management 

Funds alloted for rent

Expertise for the entire project

Timely completion of project

Funds for the project

Dealing with Municipal and other authorities

Knowledge about the entire process

Managing the entire program and all the experts/ agencies

Risk Management

Builder Led 



Availible for developer

With the developer

Dependant on the developer

In the name of the developer

Has the authority to change designs without society consent 

Developers Control

PDCs for only 6 to 12 months or monhtly cheques

Has the experience in-house and or works with his networks

Can be delayed 

Developer put his own money/ gets investments 

Has experience in dealing with the authorities 

Has the requisite know-how

Has the requisite management capability

In favour of developer




Availible for society members

With the society 

Dependant of the society and their ability to manage the deliverables from the agencies

In the name of the society

Designs made as per member's needs

Society's control

Society's Control

Empannels different experts/ agencies required across the project timeline through known networks or tendereing

Society's ability to manage different resources and the entire program

Society generates money through self-funding or loans from financial institutions

Dependant on outsourced agency or do it by self


Maybe availible in the society Or dependant on extrenal experts/ agencies

Society's ability to see the different risks, prioritize them and take timely appropriate decisions




Availible for society members. Wedevelopment strives for increasing surplus through effective program management

With the society. A systematic process which helps the society in objective decesion making across different stages of the project

Defined quality management systemand program management aligned with set standards and the expectations of society menebers 

In the name of the society

Designs made as per member's needs

Society's control

Society's control 

Has 26 types of different experts/ agencies empanneld through a standardised assesment process

Assured timely completion of project

Capability of availing required funds for the program

Has an understanding of requirements of different authorities and the agencies that can deliver the requisite

100% of the funds arranged and deposited in society's account

Has the required management capability

Risk mitigation strategies and process in favor of society members to ensure that program completes within the projected timline with the project benefits for the society

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Every problem is unique, and requires an all-round perspective to arrive at the best-fit Solution
Being a leader in the Self-Redevelopment space brings its own sets of responsibilities, of creating the right path and helping others in moving in the right direction.
Troubleshooter, is an initiative by Wedevelopment to guide Societies who are willing to opt for self redevelopment or already have initiated the journey of Self Redevelopment but have hit a wall in the process.
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