We Feasibility

The path of the society’s redevelopment initiative rests on this decision. The most critical one. The project feasibility. Hence having all the applicable data, relevant analysis and all possible perspectives is even more crucial.

This study is an analysis and evaluation of a self-redevelopment project to determine if it (1) is technically feasible (2) economically feasible and (3) will be profitable for the society members. It encompasses all possible situations and creates an analysis based on the worst-case scenario. The primary aim, to secure the project and society members against all possible risks. The outcome of the study denotes the minimum benefits that the society should get under any circumstance. Needless to say, even the minimum benefits that We assure through We-feasibility will remain unmatched by the maximum benefits promised by anyone else.

The Wedevelopment feasibility study provides a detailed report enabling the Society members to make informed decisions for redevelopment. Some key features of the Wedevelopment feasibility study are
Cost calculations with risk considerations
Project feasibility assessment
Benefits to the Society
Sensitivity Analysis
Applicable DC Regulations / other considerations
Constraints on Plot if any due to DP etc.
Parking considerations
Development Potential
Real Estate, with the constantly changing norms and regulations, is considered an uncertain premise at this moment amongst society members. We-feasibility takes into account all these uncertainties while providing the possibilities to the society to take up their Redevelopment decisions from an all round perspective.